Removing Collision between players on a dedicated server

No clue how to disable collision on a dedicated server
I have ULX


How would I use this?

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I have no idea how to use this

Saying this Dumb doesn’t answer my issue.

You also need to enable custom collisions. I posted a snippet somewhere on the forum regarding ShouldCollide and that may be better suited to your needs than this because it only works on 4 teams without the option to use 2 teams as 1 team such as TEAM_US_SNIPER and TEAM_US_MACHINEGUNNER…

Take a look at this: or

That is likely the format that is going to be used so that multiple teams can be assigned the same ID… I am working on a team library extension which will include all of these features, and more, and be easy to include and easy to use ( basically team.SetID( 1, TEAM_US_SNIPER, TEAM_US_BLAH, TEAM_US_SOLDIER ); team.SetID( 2, TEAM_VIET_SOLDIER, TEAM_VIET_SNIPER ); team.SetFriendlyFire( true / false ) with optional ID to set FF only for a specific team so it can be set so that innocents can damage everyone but friendly"traitors" won’t damage other traitors…

I’ll add in the no collide feature too… But, for now:

When dealing with ShouldCollide you want to be very careful because dynamically changing collisions can cause the server to crash or physics to fail ( vehicles falling through map )… I added additional checks in so on team change, if the ids are different it triggers the update… I also added the custom collision call.

This is NOT needed if your teams are all separate ( ie: you don’t have TEAM_US_SOLDIER, TEAM_US_SNIPER, etc… meaning you have something like: TEAM_CITIZEN, TEAM_POLICE, TEAM_GANGER, etc… )

If you don’t have multiple teams to be associated together, then you’ll only need the hook.Add PlayerInitialSpawn with the custom collision enable and you’ll need to add the _p:SetNoCollideWithTeammates( ) right after that line… This is a server file so it’d go into addons/acecool/lua/autorun/server/team_nocollide_system_with_failsafe.lua