Removing content because better versions of that content "is planned".

I don’t like this:

Well okay… how about you remove blocks when those shelves and bunker windows are made? As apposed to what- not having any alternative for the next 2-4 weeks it takes to put the “improved” versions in-game?

We’re still waiting on a raid-usable ladder system ever since the old ones were changed under the reason that “one day” a better raid ladder system would be made.

I used blocks also for building complex buildings to get myself out or to build higher and higher.

I agree with this. Replace features when the replacement is actually ready.

I came to the forums to say just this. If you want to remove something because people are using it for something you have planned, then add the planned items to the game before removing the first. I liked shelves in my base, saved space, and now I have to make tons more room just for storage. This seems a little thoughtless if you ask me.

I used halfblocks to level out my base, to elevate it on uneven terrain. Is an anlternative for that planned, too?..

this stops a lot of stupid stupid exploits for building over stuff. only upside to this.

I guess they removed halfblocks just because of griefers? That won’t make a damn difference, you can just wall stuff off instead.

They don’t really seem to have a direction right now. They made the main tool cupboard in your base EVEN MORE IMPORTANT yet they keep stating they are going to remove it at somepoint.

well this forces people to have to make legit loot rooms.

So would some sort of clipping detection… not like we currently have where every update allows people to build in rocks again.

Yeah I gotta say this was really fucking annoying. Sure you say you want to replace the items, great, but don’t take away the stuff we are using when you don’t have a replacement ready.

Hmmm in a game where creativity is a big part of the experience, lets take away some tools that are heavily used for creativity!

Said no one… fucking ever.

Also I use the half block stairs, all the time as stairs, but thanks to who ever pulled them from game I can no longer make great stuff, that utilized them as stairs!

I feel you. I will probably use ladders instead of the shitty stairs they have in now that don’t even meet up with a doorway.

People actually used the half-block stairs? Myself and everyone’s base I have seen uses the u and l-shape stairs, they work fine.

Exactly. Not only does it fuck shelves, it also means that you can only build bases on flat land, or your base will be completely disjointed. The large crews will take all the good “flat” land, and everyone else will be forced to build small, crappy bases.

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Yes, cheaters have been building inside rocks for A YEAR NOW and FP does nothing, but they remove half blocks because we were “using them creatively”!?