Removing Dead NPCs

Hey, generally, when I have a big battle, I usually turn off keep corpses, so it helps my computer run faster, so I don’t lag out.
Now, I used phys_town for this battle. Using the two houses that are side by side.

The corpses fall through the floor when they die. I don’t care about that.
The real issue here is, getting rid of them after.

You see, I ended up with a big huge pile of about 50 non-removable corpses.
How can I get rid of the corpses?

Any help will be appreciated.

They aren’t permanent. When you reach the limit and then kill again it removes the first one killed.

How do I set the limit then? Cause I have like 50 of them… and it’s annoying… I can’t find anything that falls into the pile…

Once they are dead, press Undo untill all the corpses Go.

No, he said he DIDN’T use keep corpses.

[quote=“lolawesome, post:5, topic:26765”]

No, he said he DIDN’T use keep corpses]

Crap, sorry…

I think i saw a mod way back on that dealed with this stuff, but i cant remember if it worked, or if its still around.

thats the same problem i always have, cause when keep corpses is on i jsut use the remover, seems like turning it off makes them stay there for longer anyhow… o.o

I don’t know I am having same problem here lately -.-