Removing default HL2 weapons.

Simple question, I dislike how i spawn with all the Hl2 weapons, and i cannot find a way to remove them from the weapon selection. Searching for a fix was unsuccessful, full of reskins and not removal. I don’t mind them being there, i just don’t want them to be in my weapon list when i spawn. Any suggestions or solutions?

  1. Launch GMOD
  2. Go to Start New Game
  3. Look t the gray bar on the right, next tot he scroll bar. Click on the wrench
  4. Scroll down to “Sandbox Settings” You will see a few options with check boxes next to them. Uncheck “Start With Weapons”
  5. Go to the gray bar on the right again and click on the gray box at the top of the bar.
  6. Start a map and you will only have the Physgun, Camera, and Toolgun.

There is no such box, there is only “No Damage, No PvP Damage, Allow Noclip” I know what you are talking about, i had it unchecked before, but the new update came, and now i start with weapons and the option isn’t there.

sbox_weapons 0 in game also works.

] sbox_weapons 0
Unknown command: sbox_weapons

I do so hope this is a addressed in the future, i hate how i spawn with all these weapons i dont use, and have to scroll through all of them to get to the weapon i want.