Removing/disabling features in Gmod

I’m going to let my little brother play gmod, but i don’t think he’s old enough to play multiplayer and stuff like that.

Is there a way to disable multiplayer, guns etc?

You could disable the internet on the computer, create a unique version of sandbox without the weapons menu and set sbox_weapons to 0. Still, the game wouldn’t be g rated – it’s based on M rated games after all.

Maybe you would be better with GMOD 9?

I would use a combination of bluemist’s idea and then blocking Garry’s Mod through the firewall temporarily while he’s playing.

is there a way to remove induvidual tabs from the spawn menu, like the weapons, dupes and save tabs? I don’t want to remove the whole thing which the mod bluemist posted seems to do.

Just take your wireless card or unplug your ethernet cable. I don’t think you need to do much more than that, it’s not as if playing with guns in a video game is exactly going to scar him.

I wanted to make a modified sandbox gamemode for you, but gmod is being a dick and deciding at random that lua files don’t exist. If you’re interested in trying it yourself, most of the code for the weapons tab is in sandbox\gamemode\spawnmenu\creationmenu\content\contenttypes\weapons.lua

It’s easier to rip out code and fix the resulting errors than to make it.

Cool, it worked! I made a copy of the sandbox gamemode and just deleted the lua file, and the weapons tab was gone.

Thanks for the help guys!

Oh if he can work google don’t let him, god knows what eye burn he can find searching garrysmod 0.0

Let him go on multiplayer. It’ll be fiiine.

Just don’t give him access to your microphone.

Maybe he shouldn’t be playing a rated M game if you think he’s too young.

Implying the game has an ESRB rating.

put this in autoexec.cfg to disable multiplayer

alias connect “”

If you don’t want him playing online, disconnect your network cable!