Removing game props from spawn list (Q menu)

Needing to know how to disable players being able to spawn props from games that they have mounted. Like tf2, css etc, but still keep the HL props there.

Is there a way to make it so those mounted games don’t show up in their spawn list?

You should never mess with peoples custom spawnlists.

What is the problem exactly? Why disallow it?
If you really need this you have two options:

  1. Make a prop whitelist ( per folder maybe )
  2. Unmount TF2, CSS, etc from your server


I don’t have those games mounted to my server.

Players that own those games, get the props from those games in their spawnlist.

I don’t have tf2 or any of that, so the props don’t show in my spawnlist.

I’m needing to disable the code that loads those game props in clientside, I guess.

Unless I’m missing something here…

If you don’t have those props serverside they’re effectively useless anyway because they won’t have physics…

If I recall correctly, you can’t spawn props that the server doesn’t have. So if it doesn’t have TF2 items, even if someone with TF2 joins, they can’t spawn TF2 items.

Even if they can, it will be not intractable.

I still don’t get it, why you want to prevent this.

Maybe a burning desire to have everything look a certain way…?

p.s. wow your rating message insulted me :frowning:

The biggest problem is tf2 props being spawnable… a lot of people don’t have tf2, including myself, so its just a bunch of errors going around… I don’t want them on my server. I certainly don’t want a server that requires tf2 textures.

So then unmount TF2. TF2 is not by default mounted, if I recall correctly, so either your hosting provider/you have it set to load TF2.

idk… i looked through the server and didn’t find anything… I use NFO.

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Also, I’ve never mounted a game to any of my servers

Post here cfg/mount.cfg?

omg thank you!!! Had no clue where that stuff was stored… Like I said, I’ve never mounted anything… completely forgot about the cfg shit xD