Removing HUD

I’m trying to film something in Gmod, but with the HUD in place it looks very unprofessional. I know there’s some sort of drawhud command that I can use but I forgot exactly how it goes. Any suggestions?

use the camera.


do you use Gmod 9 or 10?

cl_drawhud 0

In console, of course.

This won’t remove the weapon model, remember that :eng101:

I use the paid version of Gmod. 10 or 11, depending on what people are calling it now.

I bypassed the weapon thing by enabling fast switch.
Thanks guys.

Just call it Gmod… Gmod 9 = old version.

impulse 200

for weapon removal

r_drawviewmodel 0 is the command to remove the view model but keep the weapon.

dude just select youre “Camera” swep it gets rid of the hud and the weapon XD noobs.

You’re brilliant.

But then you can’t even press buttons right.

And fight monsters with a camera in his hands.