Removing lock permitted in non-building area

FYI, I play with a group. They built a base and put the toolshed behind doors with different codes than all the other doors so that a sub-set of ppl could manage the building for all the tenants. Here’s the problem: was on the server with no one else from my building. In running thru the first door, I realized I had not entered the code yet. Entered it to unlock it the outer door and in a hurry, removed the lock by accident instead of locking it. Now because I do not have building rights, I cannot place the lock on the door and since none of the building managers wee on, I could not tell anyone to fix it for me.

IMO, if you cannot place a lock on a door, you should not be able to remove a lock from a door. If I want to remove a lock from a door and I don’t have building rights, I should have to destroy the door.

Let me know if you disagree…