Removing or Hiding Extra Skins from Existing Models

I like to keep my spawn lists nice and tidy but a lot of models that get released come with multiple skins that make it so when you add them to a custom spawnlist, instead of showing up as a single model the spawnlist gets flooded with every skin that comes with it. (i.e, most of the Pokemon released by Apoc and RTB).

I would much rather have a single model in the spawnlist to keep things tidy, but if you delete even one of the alternate skins then all of them disappear. Is there a way to remove the extra skins, or hide them, so only one appears in a custom spawnlist?

Yeah, you can edit the entries in the spawnlist. Go into the addon, select settings, menu_props, the open the spawnlist and edit out any models you don’t want to appear.

I tried that. While some of the alternate skins do show up, not all of them do. Even though they show up in the viewer in-game.

Example. Gardevoir shows up in-game with about ten or more variations. Al lthese variations are listed in the spawnlist.txt as well and can be removed. BUT Metagross also has multiple variations that all appear in-game, but only one entry for Metagross appears in the spawnlist.txt

And most models are like Metagross. Multiple ones show up in-game, but the spawnlist.txt only shows one entry. It has to be a game engine thing.

Well you could easily edit the spawnlist by hand (use the gardevoir entry for refence on how to switch skins) and add them manually.

Yea could definately do with a “show additional skins” check box that you can have on or off, I don’t see how it would be hard either as the additional skins have different file types for the spawnicon images, first skin is .si0, second .si1 and so on.