Removing Pesky Wep Skins

Hi Facepunch, and 'grats to me for my first post of many on this site. I’ll cut right to the chase for this one-
Yup. There. Said it. Anyway, the problem is I installed some skins for the CSS guns on Gmod, and I hate them and I want them to dissappear. Problem is, I can’t seem to find where they are hiding out in the Garry’s Mod directory. Anyone know where in the world they are, so I can just have the regular CSS guns back? Help would be appreciated.

Bump on the grounds that I REALLY hate these skins. I thought they were SWEPS for some reason :frowning:

Okay what you need to do is get gcfscape. Then go to your counter strike shared folder through gcfscape. Extract the materials that are the same name as your skins(just go to the spawnmenu and when you scrollover to the icon it will tell you the name).

Open your garrysmod folder and go to materials. After that you go to models(still in the materials folder) and you look for the name where these skins are. Then you paste the .vtf and .vmt files into the directory where the names are the same as the files you extracted and you paste over them.

Sorry if you don’t understand, I could make a video sometime tommorow.

What luck that just yesterday I got gcfscape do mess with the portal dir a bit. Ill try what you said on thursday most likely, and if I need the video I’ll notify :slight_smile: thanks dude. Now, to go reply to crap in general discussion forums ACROSS THE INTERNET!

Right. Trying it now… Hopefully afterwards I can find a decent skin since as much as I hate the skin, the CSS guns themselves aren’t my favorites either

EDIT: What would happen if I just straight deleted the skins? Wouldn’t GMod just recreate them since they come standard with the game if you have CSS?

Recently had to format my hard drive. So, problem fixed one way or another…

What the fuck are you talking about. Source games grab files they don’t have from the GCFs, you don’t need to extract them yourself.

Why do you think Gmod is less than 200mb?

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This is correct, for future reference.