Removing player's trail?

Is there a way to remove a player’s trail added by util.SpriteTrail?
Just a simple question. Couldn’t find anything helpful on the Wiki.

It returns the trail entity. Just reference it then remove it when you need to.

I have the same problem, but, how can I reference it and then remove it?

Same. I try redoing it with the different color (alpha 0) but it won’t disappear.

When you add a new trail, it piles on top of existing trails.
I think you can do an ents.FindByClass on all the sprite trail ents, and remove it that way though.

Mmh, but the trail is sprite, how do I get its class?

local Player = _R.Player
function Player:GiveTrail()
self.Trail = util.SpriteTrail( --[[ stuff ]] )

function Player:RemoveTrail()
SafeRemoveEntity( self.Trail )

I should have thought about that though… thank you a lot.