Removing props player model in Prop Hunt

I have a Last Prop Standing code on my PH server (gives last prop alive a gun)
The problem is that when the prop player gets the gun, it sets their player model and everyone can see it, along with their chosen prop
I have added a code that sets the material of the model invisible so it cant be seen, but since the model is still technically there, it screws up the view for the player.
The view is based off the player model rather than the prop. How can I remove the model completely when the Last Prop Standing function is ran?

Well, I’m guessing the addon is just going to use SetModel to set the player back to their playermodel.
Just go through it removing any line with SetModel I would say.

No… I wrote the code, theres nothing to do with setmodel
its something with the gamemode whenever a weapon is given, it sets the model… can’t find where its called though