Removing Slow Walk Speed On Snow

How do I go about removing the sliding from the snow and make it so its like walking on wood?

You may be in the wrong section, mate.

Nope. It’s not, It has to do with lua coding

Never mind, misread your post.

The only way to do what you’re asking to is to decompile the maps that have snow, change the “terrain” type to not make players slide (but still look like snow), then recompile it.

Then people will get you’re map differs from the server thats I want help how to make it in glua.

As far as I know, it can’t be done in lua. If it’s coded in the map, it can’t be changed with Lua.

Normally, Lua is able to change things inside maps, but the things that you are able to change are all entities, whereas the way snow sliding works isn’t considered an entity.

Maybe someone else may have a solution for you.

There are probably a few hacky ways of doing it, like detecting the player speed and when it declines alter it proportionally to match etc.

I’m not up with materils/walking functions etc though but I’m sure someone can help. I’d bet money it can be done to some extent.

Could you not just trace below the player and check what MatType is below?

This. Simply increase their speed if you detect that the MatType matches.

The only proper solutions are as follows:

  1. Recompile the map to use a new material that looks like snow but has properties of not snow. ( You can always rename the map to something else, like themap_edit or something )
  2. Try to edit the surface properties .txt file on your server and edit the properties of the snow, but this might cause prediction issues.

HOOKS["InitPostEntity"] = function()
	for k,v in pairs(ents.FindByClass("func_rotating")) do

You can’t do it like this right? Because it’s no ent?

You can’t do what you want with Lua. It’s impossible.

func_rotating is an entity.