Removing Svn Dumps

How do i Remove Svn Dumps ?

Like when i want to make a small icon pack though some folders got the .svn on them so ya how do i delete those ?

hmm, if you know what the file is called, you can search in computer and delete them. Or if you downloaded them, go to the “Downloads” Tab under users (i think, its somewhere in there) and find the name, and delete it. Or you could rename them to disable them, then delete.

What ? if i pack something gmod knows it got svn though when i look in the folder i don’t see the files :s

oh, try right clicking the file and press Explore. Somtimes this works with hidden files. Ive done it to veiw .vmf (model files) in CSS

Well thats problem i can’t click on export, that isn’t in the menu if i click on that folder :s

Then don’t upload other peoples work?
It seems as if you are uploading an SVN dump to, which is forbidden, and is going to get you banned.

did you try looking on youtube or google? Cause i have no other suggestions :frowning:
In the great words of whoever said this- Google is your friend…use it.

Mmh its a new pack whit new entitie icons that i made -- so its not some one else work --


Well i first searched there but i didn’t found anything.

If you made it, why are there SVN files in it?
By the sounds of things, you are not capable of exporting, let alone creating an SVN download.

just tell me how to remove and prop the svn are there bcs i copied most file’s from my addons folders that are whit svn updated.

…I didn’t get a word you said.
I bet you made a big mistake whilst doing an svn checkout, and did it on the addons folder its self.
In any case, if you have tortoise svn, svn export. If not, enable hidden files and folders and delete .svn folders yourself.

Lulz that i could forget that, well thanks for saying hidden files xD

Well i first searched there but i didn’t found anything.

i lol’ed :stuck_out_tongue:

Well here’s the pack i was talking about as you can see its a entitie icon pack for the Sgmod that i have made :slight_smile: