Removing the effect "Circle"

You know when you spawn a effect? For example the explosion effect, it draws that green circle. How would you go about Removing that?

Go into camera mode.

… Fool.

I’m in the Lua questions section for a reason.


It’s probably something to do with removing the Gmod HUD. Just look at the source for the camera or use **[Gamemode.HUDShouldDraw](**.

The grip is a prop_effect entity found in the base gamemode. To remove the circle, you will need to disable the entity from drawing.

Oh, you!


How would I go about doing that.

[lua]entity:SetNoDraw( true );[/lua]

The model should still draw.

A better way would be do edit the class. Look at how the scripted_ents module works and disable the drawing function.

Entity.SetNoDraw will make the model disappear as well.