Removing the Headcrab from zombies.

hey guy quick question how do you make it so the zombies dont have headcrabs on them? I know its possible to remove them with some command or something in hammer, I want it so the zombie never drops its headcrab when it dies basically. Thanks guys :wink:

Change bodygroup of zombies to 0(SetBodyGroup input)
And 2 ways to fix headcrabs:

  1. Fast and dirty: Logic_timer, delay 0, output: OnTimer|npc_headcrab|kill
  2. More accurate, you will need it if you want to keep headcrabs that aren’t attached to zombies(just headcrabs): Make giant trigger_remove that covers all map/zombie infested area, then set it to be sensible to NPC’s. Make a filter_activator_class, set class to npc_headcrab. Name it Filter_crabs. Make filter_activator_name, set ‘filter name’ to whatever name your headcrabs will use, and change it so it doesn’t allow entities with that name. Name that filter Filter_crabs2. Make a filter_multi, and add both Filter_crabs and Filter_crabs2 to its options, and name multifilter Filter_freecrabs. Then select the trigger_remove and set ‘filter name’ to Filter_freecrabs.
    If you’ve done everything right, any headcrab that doesn’t have targetname you specified in Filter_crabs2, will be removed with the trigger.
    Hope i helped.

Last trouble is headcrab ragdoll that spawns when you headshot zombie. This isn’t easy to fix, because it isn’t entity at all.(Or is it?) You can fix that by making that texture completely invisible(proper fix actually involves creating 2 versions of texture, as skins for model, 1st invisible, second visible). I am supposed to think this should do it:

"$color[0]" "0"
"$color[1]" "0"
"$color[2]" "0"

just add these strings to headcrab texture .vmt

haha thanks that worked perfectly :smiley: another question, how do you make the zombies have different models, so they dont all look the same?

I’m pretty sure that’s not possible using hammer alone.

No it is possible. Just dont remember how :confused:

Looking at the code for it, Its not.

Ah really? I must be thinking of that mod which extended the feature of hammer, I cant remember what it was called… Hammer Deluxe thats it. You code for source do you Firegod?

I can read it, can’t write it for shit.

Ah Alright :slight_smile: I just wish there was some way to pull this off in hammer…