Removing the Player has joined job notifcation without touching darkrp files

Ok so, I want to remove the job notification that lets everyone know that someone has joined a job. I dont want to touch the core files, so is there a lua file I can add in that removes this for me?

You can do this by forcing darkrp hud to stop drawing.

I believe it gets overrided when you put the hud in a darkrp module but I cant confirm, Ill check for you an easy way when I get back to my desktop.

The notification is done in a rather meaty part of DarkRP code that AFAIK provides no mechanism to prevent. You could override the jobs module in an addon with identical code, sans this line.

That would also work, the cl hud is what displays the notify and if you remove that part from cl hud it would not show any more notifications

If you wish to disable notifications in general it would be a module overriding cl_hud and if you desire to only disable the notifications for jobs, choose his method.

Do you even read what’s already posted?

I would also like to mention it.