Removing the "[Player] kill [Player]" icon in the top right.

Hey there. I’m working on a machinima that uses static camera angles. Everything’s been going swimmingly and I’ve had cl_drawhud 1 enabled, but the only issue is that when any NPC dies, the
kill dialogue for, let’s say “PhantomGears Killed> Zombie” still appears on the top right.

Editing it out has proven to be a headache, and I was wondering if there was another command in
GMod I missed.


UPDATE: I discovered how to edit out the current kill icon in video editing, but it would be wonderful if there was still a command to get rid of the kill dialogue so I don’t have to do this each time.

In DarkRP you can disable it…
I don’t know how else, but in DarkRP you have rp_showdeaths or something.

Ah. I’ve never used DarkRP or anything similar; I was just operating out of vanilla.

…Vanilla of a mod, I guess.