Removing the Q menu in a gamemode?

Simple question, thread title.

hook.Add("SpawnMenuEnabled","NoMenu",function() return false end)

My guess is that goes in init.lua?

If you were putting in in a gamemode, it would be in the cl_init.lua and would look like this:

function GM:SpawnMenuEnabled() return false end

Alright thanks.

You could also simply derive from base instead of sandbox so your gamemode doesn’t run code it won’t use.

So would tha tcause any errors like, not having simple weapons like the crowbar?

Have a look at it yourself and see if you’re using things from Sandbox. If it’s all useless because you’re making it from scratch just derive from base.

And no the weapons wouldn’t be removed from the game. But you wouldn’t spawn with them like in Sandbox (Gotta remake the loadout for your gamemode).