Removing the skybox forever?

I’m using the rp_evocity_v33x on a server and also using the ‘Atmos’ weather addon. Now the problem is for the addon to be shown to players I have to remove a big white prop (skybox) outside the map as it blocks the weather.

The problem arises when the server restarts that the skybox comes back, so a Super Admin has to keep removing it…
Is there a fix to this or an easy lua script to keep the skybox removed?

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place this in a .lua file in lua/autorun/server


hook.Add("InitPostEntity", "Remove Skybox", function()
	for k, v in pairs(ents.GetAll()) do
		if v:GetClass()=="sky_camera" then v:Remove() end

Wow! Such a quick response, thanks dude! Code works perfectly! :slight_smile:

  • Thank you soo much,