Removing weak side of doors is unnecessary

It was decided in devblod 105 that weakside of doors would be a returning feature. The reason being that there was no use for the mechanic and the different of the sides of the door were so similar unlike walls.
I think that was a unnecessary decision as raiders who are on the inside would rather beat down the weak side of a wooden/sheet metal door instead of a wall. Instead of removing the feature just retexture the doors to make the soft side different so new players will understand it.

Just plan how you’re going to get out before you go in?

Also, I like being able to have doors face in the most convenient direction. navigating airlocks can be such a pain in the ass sometimes.

I’d be more okay with it if it were more obvious which side was weak AND doors could be hinged on either side AND open in or out. But that’s a lot to ask for while they’re busy doing their thing, lets just let them keep making boobies and buckets for a while and live with the little compromises.

Im ok with no weak side at everything butbi would not take the rocket dmg down or c4 because it takes lots of resources to gather and make any of it

I think you misread the devblog.

“…Let’s talk about the melee attack weak side of doors. This was removed with last week’s patch and we’ve decided to leave it like this…”

They removed it because it was punishing new players that didn’t know about it more then it added anything useful or necessary to the game.

This was a good change in my opinion.

Being able to place doors in a convenient direction is a win. I hated having to place a door in an awkward direction, simply because it had a weak side.