Renaming a map after compiled?

The name of the bsp is 2 letters to long, so when I start it in a source game it dispays an error:

"Unable to find: “mymap’s name.b”

Mymaps name isn’t the real name. I’ve made sure the map is in the folder. When it displays the error, it cuts off the file extension: ‘.bsp’ to just ‘.b’

I can’t compile because of the source tools being broken, or else I’d have re-compiled. Renaming the bsp simply doesn’t work, messes up all lighting.

So my question is, anyway to rename the bsp without messing up the map’s lighting and without recompiling?

Any help appreciated. :3

Open it up with pakrat, rename the files inside the bsp, reinsert them. Then rename the bsp.

Oh! That will work. Thank you sir.

I was gonna say that there, god damn ninja’s :ninja: