Renaming built-in spawnlists

Hello, just a quick question about the built-in PHX that was added to Gmod, is it possible to rename them so that they have a 'PHX - ’ prefix? I have attempted this but when I restart it creates new spawnlists with the original names (meaning I now have a ‘General construction props’ and a ‘PHX - General construction props’)
Is there a way to either:
A: Rename the spawnlist that Gmod puts the pre-instaled PHX into (Rather than me creating a new folder for PHX)
B: Disable the built-in PHX from either being added altogether (So I can install PHX seperatly) or stop it re-creating the spawnlists

Sorry if there is anything wrong with the post or the problem, I couldn’t find any related topics but I may have missed one.

I don’t think so. The original spawnlists are in the .gcf and are probably set to always load.