Renaming Model Animation Sequences

So i have a v_shotgun.mdl. Within it there is are animations: act_vm_idle, act_shotgun_idle_deep, and act_shotgun_idle4. How can i rename the last 2 animations to act_vm_idle? Dont tell me you cant either because i have a model that has different animations but they are spelled EXACTLY the same. I am also using valve’s hlmv. any help?

You will have to recompile the model.

You can’t make them all ACT_VM_IDLE; that would cause a naming conflict.

Pretty sure you CAN do it with ACT_s, it will just select a random sequence that has given ACT name. I don’t think you can have two sequences named the same though.

Exactly, you can. I remember I used the same ACT for many sequences for v_models I made while modding for HL2 years ago.