Renaming One player at a time (HELP!)

Hey guys. I’m trying to make a command to rename. Like i type in

Which would target “xrayhunter” then turn it to the name “bob” in the scoreboard everything.

I got a bit head on this but. I can’t turn my name to Bob.

hook.Add( 'PlayerSay', 'Commands', function( ply, text, isteam )
	text = string.lower( text )

if ply:IsAdmin() or ply:IsSuperAdmin() then
	if ( string.sub( text, 1, 8 ) == "/rename") then
	text = string.Explode( " ", text )
	local victim = FindPlayers( text[2] )
	if ( IsValid( victim ) ) then

The only problem is its not giving the name. And i don’t know how to set it that i can pick up the third argument