Renamon 2009

Renamon from Digimon Tamers is back.

Addon for Garry’s Mod with ragdoll, NPCs, and player model.
FileFront Mirror (Old version on Filefront, if that was good enough for you)[/media]

Alyx replacement for Half-Life 2.
FileFront Mirror

Alyx replacement for Half-Life 2: Episode One.
FileFront Mirror

Alyx replacement for Half-Life 2: Episode Two.
FileFront Mirror

FBSBanana mirror for Alyx replacements

Resource files

And finally, videos:

Another video

(…Furry fans, please keep the yiffing in this thread to a minimum. Thank you.)

Whats the diffrence between this model and the one allready released?

Eye posing, jigglebones and overall improved quailty ^^

At least theres nothing vulgar with this replacement.

oh man

Oh god. :ohdear:

What have you done!

God job on the model, I guess. Takes some skill to do what you’ve done.

[sp]I still hate furries[/sp]

ITT: Furries Rejoice


Anyway it’s a nice model I guess.

I really don’t like digimon though.


I love you.

I laughed.
I don’t want to imagine what’s being done to this model.

Looks quite a bit higher quality than the older model… Is it faceposable?

first pic of Hl2 alyx replacement

That’s like the last thing I’d like to see when i first open my eyes when waking up.

I think I know someone who would love to burn, hang and smash Renamon.


I wonder how long it’ll be before minges start using this for their “awsumm seckls poses”.

Better than the previous version.


lolololol… err sorry for the bump

Thanks for the feedback guyz.

I might have said before I was making a video of her. I’m not sure that’s going to happen though since I’ve found out that ragdolls can’t be made into prop spawners, thereby making any video a pale shadow of what I was intending. And after so many sleepless nights figuring out Faceposer. :sigh:

Well, there’s only one way for you to find out.

[sp]Yes it is.[/sp]

I know she was Dasboschitt’s Kenny for a couple of his videos. Then he “resisted” the urge to kill her in his last subscribers milestone video. Chicken.

Soon. There’s very little on the internet about Renamon that’s not porn.

Now, is that an actual catgirl? Just asking since those ears look more like speakers?

The fuck are you supposed to be?

Least you figured it out :S I’m still trying to figure out how the hell i’m gonna do it with Milkshape as it has no .vta exporter (and no-one seems to be willing to help ¬.¬ )