render.Capture - Only captures a percentage of screen depending on quality?

Hey guys, I’m joining the craze of “ANTI CHEAT SEARCH FOR WALLHACKS VIA SCREENSHOTS SENT TO SERVER” - And I’m pretty much running render capture, sending it to the server and back to myself and loading the util.Base64Encoded(render.Capture) in a vgui hmtl.

And the lower the quality, the more of the screen it actually captures. For example.

  • 50 quality

  • 10 quality

… And yes, sourcebans is broken. Can’t be bothered fixing / deleting.

Are you sure you’re not hitting the 64kb limit in net transfer?

That is definitely probably the case, do you recommend me splitting the Encoded string into 2 via string.Left len / 2 and string.Right len / 2?

Don’t send it to server, upload it to a file server or something (using HTTP), it’s much faster and has no real limitation.

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Could you eventually add a down sampling option?

Suggested host? Can you please give us an example of HTTP POST in GLua?

Never mind. I found an example inside of Garry’s Mod.

by the way if you are gonna post a anti-cheat publicly people will find a way around in about two seconds, pm any snippets to the OP or those who ask.