Render distance

Hi i want to talk about render distance. I hear about some players have fps drop in Rust maybe add render distance options can fix it :slight_smile: what do you think about?

Sory for my english.

It’s in the options menu already o.O

But somethink more like:
-Grass render distance
-Players render distance
-Rocks render distance

That would be a very bad idea. As we’ve seen in other games, if the distance isn’t great enough, or you allow players to control it, people will adjust it to their advantage in PvP, where usually the first person to see the other wins. Making it a static distance gives no advantage to anyone, but some lower end computers will suffer by default. It just goes with the territory and not everyone can be happy sorry to say.

Once the game is further along, we will get optimization and it’ll run better for everyone. For now lower end computers will just have to chug along.