render.DrawSphere material is extremely bright and impossible to see through

Im trying to make a safezone for my battle royale gamemode by using some fancy looking see-through combine forcefield materials but all the materials I have tried ended up being extremely bright once applied to the sphere.

render.SetMaterial( CircleMat )
render.DrawSphere( Vector(0,50*scaler,0), 50*scaler, 32, 32, Color( 255, 255, 255, 255 ) )

Left is prop and right is render.DrawSphere. :tried:

Any ideas on how to make it look like the prop? And does anyone know the name of the actual forcefield material used on the combine gates?

The image on the right looks way less transparent than the image on the left. So try change the transparency (alpha).

Changing the RGB or Alpha seems to do no difference whatsoever.

EDIT: The material is blocking its usage.



What the hell I keep making so much progress today why is stuff working for me?! :mindblown:

Anyways thanks alot! :slight_smile: