Render.renderView breaking C menu?

Anytime I make an addon with render.renderView, it breaks all right clicking. Why is this? I’m just creating a minimap and the right clicking just doesn’t work?! Here is my code.

local MinimapData = {}
MinimapData.angles = Angle(90,LocalPlayer():EyeAngles().yaw,0)
MinimapData.origin = LocalPlayer():GetPos()+Vector(0,0,MapZoom)
MinimapData.w = MapW
MinimapData.h = MapH
MinimapData.x = MapX
MinimapData.y = MapY
MinimapData.drawviewmodel = false
MinimapData.fov = 90
render.RenderView( MinimapData )

No one knows? It seems like a really weird issue to be connected to a minimap…

Where are you using this code exactly?

Addons. It also takes away the crosshair.

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The exact path to that code is garrysmod/addons/SimMap/lua/autorun/cl_minimap.lua