render.Renderview tutorial?

Hello, i’m looking for a shove in the right direction for making a render.Renderview follow a path, like in this video

I think CalcView suits the purpose better ( performance wise ).

Either way, you gotta simply learn vector maths, get the positions and move the position vector from one point to another from the array of all sequential positions.

You can use GPS tool (Wiremod), and get possitions Vectors from there.

Okay, im going to play around with that.

Can i add this to a dpanel that i can test it in ( tried painting a panel with it did not work )

“getpos” in console will return both position and angles.

If im going to do a sequence it will probably easier for me to print my position every frame to console so that its not choppy

probably best i put it into a text file

The best thing is to put key frames and make the camera smoothly move from a point to a point, and same for the angles.

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by “key frames” I mean key vector points.

If you use CalcView, do you have to take in account the PVS? I assume a lot of entities will stop showing up when you move far enough away?

Yes, but the same story is with render view.