render.SetMaterial and my Garrysmid

As it stands, I had a lua script made for my that would use render beam to draw beams from a players head to wherever they’re looking. It works for everyone who has the script currently, however when I try to use it, it loads the beam to the last player who had connected, and spams my console with: CMaterial::DrawElements:No Bound Shader over and over.

The line of code used for the render material is:

local mat = Material( "models/wireframe" );
				if(mat:IsError()) then
					print( "ERROR
" );
				--SetMaterialOverride( mat )
				--SetMaterialOverride( 0 )

				render.SetMaterial( mat );
				render.StartBeam( 2 );

Regardless of the material used, I get the same error over and over again. I’ve tried reinstalling my garrysmod but that didn’t help. I tried checking if there were conflicting lua files / addons / data, but that didnt help. I tried altering my video settings, but that did help either. I also tried this with a fresh copy of garrysmod files, and still nothing.
The only way I’ve gotten it to work for me and me alone is through:
SetMaterialOverride( Material(“models/wireframe”) );

Even then however, it extremely buggy and doesn’t work well at all. I’m not quite sure what is wrong, my graphics card is not old and my rig is quite up to date. Any input would be helpful.

The script itself works for anyone else who has it, except myself. The two devs who helped make it have the two different copies both of which work for them, but bug for me.

The bugs are: The material will load as well as the rendered beam, however it will only load for the last player who has connected to the server. Everyone else will not have this beam, and with that…My console will be filled with: “CMaterial::DrawElements:No Bound Shader” so fast and often that it will wipe my console clean in less then two seconds.

Thank you for your time.

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Script has been fixed.

Not too sure what was wrong, but the dev made it from scratch again and managed to repair the issue.

stop here.

“Show player line of sights” option