Render Targets Crash

Garrysmod keeps crashing at the “Finding Render Targets”(or was it Creating render targets… i dunno) stage of starting up

This only happens when I add large addons to the game like PHX or Wire, I can’t remove anything because I’m already down to my few favorite addons (the things I use every time I play usually)

Is the real cause of this problem my large addons or is it something else?

if it IS something else, how can I fix it (besides starting gmod in anything under dx9… and also besides buying a new computer cause I plan on doing that EVENTUALLY)

This problem prevents me from using the big addons that nearly every server online has, so it’d be great if I could fix this.

Specs please, sounds like you have a really bad graphics card

ATi Radeon X300/X550/X1050 SE is my graphics card, Running Windows XP SP3

I dunno what else to list… maybe the fact that my computer is 5 years old?

I’m not sure, but it might only be Wiremod that is crashing gmod, however it has worked fine in the past.

Oh by the way I only have a gig of ram, I need a couple more sticks :stuck_out_tongue:

1gig of ram… :suicide: 5 year old PCs can be bad but dosent have to, clean your gmod (theres bad servers that make you crash if you got wiremod apparantly)

Its not that I crash when I join a server, Gmod doesn’t start up at all if Wiremod is installed, and it crashes at the Creating Render Targets stage of loading.

Its probbably becuse of that one gig of ram making it run out of memory quicker than light, clean gmod anyways, it might be done by a bad server

I used PHX just fine earlier today, so I now believe it is a problem with Wiremod itself and not garrysmod

But I’ve been able to use wiremod in the past without trouble

On an unrelated note, water graphics have been a bit wonky lately, reflections don’t work right, and if a sprite is between me and water, its transparency turns black… any fixes for that?

Literally five minutes ago I was playing on a server online and then I crashed, now I’m getting this problem again, but without wiremod installed

Is there anywhere I can put the mdmp file from my crash so that someone can tell me what is wrong?

1 gig of RAM isn’t going to make you crash, not on HL2, at least.

I have a 7 year old PC with ghz processor, 768mb ram and a 512 mb vid card. Today on a server a guy I know went crazy and launced 10 nukes in a row… I bearly lagged!
On-topic! Video drivers updated recently?

My videodrivers (I believe) are updated to the most recent version

Also as I said, yesterday I was playing on a server just fine and then the game crashed and suddenly I am not able to start up the game at all as long as phx is active (and wiremod as well)

I can keep messing with it to see if i can make it work though I guess…

as I asked before also, is there a way to give my .mdmp log to someone who might be able to fix my problem?

EDIT: I think my video card is 256 mb, maybe I need more video memory?

Did you try -dxlevel 80 or 70?

That’s pretty much the only thing I’m not willing to do, when I do that the game isn’t as purdy :stuck_out_tongue:

I had same thing, old PC and many nukes, it didn’t lag because the nukes screwed up because of the old computer :v: