Render to texture and texture projection

Two features I’d love to see are Render To Texture support, and the ability to project those textures onto geometry.

Essentially, I’m looking for the elements to replicate Unreal’s off-axis texture projection system nDisplay: nDisplay Overview | Unreal Engine Documentation

There are thousands of people in virtual production who are looking for alternatives to Unreal for in-camera LED wall use such as used on The Mandalorian.

Unreal is the king right now, not because it’s good, but because Epic has given us the bare minimum tooling required where other engines have given us zero. It’s painful but it’s all we have!

Well, we have this:

And iirc even gmod had RTT. You could set a camera and then set the RT material to a prop and then whatever the camera saw was projected onto the prop. I bet that can only get better, and who knows, maybe even be enough to be used professionally.