Render View weird behaviour

Hi, I’ve been using render views to render cameras to guis and its been doing some weird behaviour.
As you can see from above, it has green lines across it, also you can see straight through the building through the windows (trees and road), a door is missing and the tree is not shaded properly.

This building is rendered by the exact same method, all thats different is that its a different building rotated 180 degrees.
In this one its all fine, except it has really low level of detail, you cant see through the windows and the entrance door has a low LOD (it has a glass frame when near it)

I render these only once then reuse the result in multiple places.

Is there any method of rendering it with 100% quality, extreme lod range ect?

And yes i do AddOriginToPVS on the server for each location in the SetupPlayerVisibility hook.
Is there also a way to not use AddOriginToPVS every server tick, considering i only render them for once?

Edit: Added code snippet


I wonder if it could be the engine running out of resources for rendering the map twice; I know that map is massive.

Actually couple questions:
Could you post the render.RenderView settings you are using?
Also are you preventing normal rendering by returning true in RenderScene? I guess this would only be wanted if the camera view covers the entire screen.

The render.RenderView settings are in that pastebin link.

Origin and Angles being the position and angle of the camera.
I don’t use the RenderScene hook at all, its all done in vgui paint functions or the PostDrawTranslucentRenderables hook (for in world rendering, it has 3d poster things)

The aspect ratio thing seems odd to me, but shouldn’t cause your issue.
Code seems okay. I guess it might actually just be that the map is already resource heavy and I know the engine can get weird with HUGE maps like that one.

Sorry I don’t think I can help :frowning: