Rendered third person model in first (can see legs if I look down or self in reflections)

I was wondering if there was a addon or something that allowed players to see their legs, torso when they look down, see them self’s in reflections, or see their own shadow(dynamic or projected).

In halo for example, you could see your own shadow and legs/torso. It has also been featured in a few other games.

And if no one has made such a addon, would it be reasonably possible to do this? What would I do in order to gain such features?

And sorry if this is in the wrong second or has been posted before. I looked around and found nothing better, though I don’t always know what to look for.


This mod does not use reflections but as for the legs:
Legs 1.7

Thanks Jackal, I’ll go ahead and try out my new legs.


This is simply perfect;
It’s in sync.
It cast shadows.
And from knowing both of those, it also will cause reflections.

Much thanks.

i think a swep could be made to show your legs? not sure abbout that. Portal showes your feet and (portal) reflections though; althouh showing feet gets kind of tricky when you consider that your camera is generally mounted to your forehead. anyways Good luck with that, more games need to have an accually w_player model and a v_player model (weapon system referance) if you catch my drift.