Rendering a Model Clientside

Let’s say that one person has a Jeep and another person has a purple Jeep in the same area.
How do i make it were only The Client’s Jeep only renders on his screen and not the Jeep that belongs to the other client?

So… Invisdible cars?

Odd request but try:

Store the owner with their jeep somehow (e.g. in a table) and then if it isn’t the players car set the no draw to true.

Basically yes.

Do what he said. That, or you could just set the alpha to 0 clientside if it’s not theirs.

[lua]local Owner = Entity:GetOwner

if Owner:Nick() and LocalPlayer():Nick() then
Entity:SetNoDraw( false )
Entity:SetNoDraw( true )

Something like this?

Not sure, but I think you have to specify who the owner is on a spawning hook.