Rendering Fix?

Every time I walk to a certain part of the map and it has to render all of the bases, it completely freezes mine and my 2 other friends PC. I was wondering if there is any other fix besides a map reset? Maybe a patch?

It’s because your cpu, Rain, I keep telling you this, it freezes me for about 0.5 seconds

Not that I think its a problem per-se, but I do get the 0.5 second freeze as I travel from one rendered point to a new one as well…and I have a moderately beefy system.

Yea, same problem here, freeze for like 2sec and i can throw my armor and weapons into trash, couse even zombies can catch me this way, and when you meet those bandits, then even kevlar cant help you… Would love something to prevent this :confused:

Hmm, what if they allowed us to choose a render distance sort of like minecraft does and also loads areas farther away from us when were staying in the same area. Could that possibly help?