Rendering issue

Whenever I join my friend’s server, I have a problem with my rendering. I can’t even describe what happens

Extra info(if it helps):
I am running the latest version of Gmod on Windows 10 64 bit system.
I have tried a complete re-install of gmod(meaning I deleted the entire file)
This started happening after I tried to restart my friend’s game server. In the middle of the restart, I left, so I shut off Gmod, when I came back, I had this problem

This looks like some REALLY fucked up config, or more likely, a dead/dying video card or something.

Things to try:
Log into your Steam -> GMod on someone else’s PC. If it still bugged -> It’s your config
Update graphics drivers to the latest version
Make sure you are running on your dedicated graphics card, not an integrated one
Launch the game, make the bug happen and type “debug_dump” into your console. It will create a file if resetting your config fixes it. ( Read below )
Try adding -noworkshop -noaddons in you Steam Launch Options for Garry’s Mod

And lastly, try factory resetting your Garry’s Mod. You can do this by running “FactoryReset-GMod.bat” file in your Garry’s Mod folder. If this fixes your problem, I would be grateful if you could attach/post the debug_dump.txt that was created earlier.

I don’t have a Graphics card yet, but I have been able to play on the server just fine before with integrated graphics, my integrated graphics are up to date, I got the dump file and I’m attempting to Fac-reset now, I will tell you the results


I still have yet to try Gmod on another PC.
Would you still like the debug_dump?

Sorry it took me so long to respond but the result is my config.