Rendering models in the screen space

I’ll just confess what I’m trying to do here right away. I’m trying to remake foszor’s character selection as seen here. So, I need to be able to render models completely in the screen space, not at a world position in a closed off part of the map.

I have the following questions regarding this matter: What hook should I use to draw everything? Or should I create a panel for it?

Well, taking a look at DModelPanel, it appears that the model is really a ClientsideModel in world space that has been set to no draw, and only switches out of no draw and back into no draw when the panel paints itself. It’s rendered using cam.3d, and render.SuppressEngineLighting(true) is called before and after the render to keep out lighting errors. Other than that, there is no sure-fire way to render a model in screenspace without first creating it in world space, whether you choose to draw it on world space or not.

So I have to use a panel to draw it?

Well, I assume you can draw it in any screenspace-drawing hook. I’m sure it’ll be much easier to manipulate, though, if you use a panel.