Rendering spawn icons causes checkered reflections

So I’ve had this small bug for quite some time now. I can’t really remember what caused it, or when it started happening, but it’s been bugging me these past few days.
Whenever I render any spawn icons, whether it be a lot of them, or even just a few, props start reflecting the purple and black checkered texture.


Sorry to bump this, but no one else has had this issue before? It’s been getting quite annoying lately.
I tried changing my reflection detail in video options, but it didn’t really do anything. Pretty sure that has nothing to do with the way props reflect too. I could be wrong on that though.
I’m using an XFX 7970 on the latest drivers if that helps any. I tried defragging and verifying files, but nothing has fixed it. All of my graphical options are at the highest settings as well.