Renders, screenshots, action shots etc.

Would it be possible for the game creators and also people who currently have access to the game to submit any of the following:

  • Screenshots of the environment
  • Action shots of player vs player, building bases, exploring etc.
  • Character/NPC models - this would be simply a model with no background in a specific stance

and any other images you feel would be helpful!

I’m asking for this, as it can be a go to place for graphic designers to get hold on a number of images related to the game to create artworks, backgrounds etc. to help get the game out there more than it already is! If the game has a nice looking background on, say Google the go to response of the user looking at it would be to go and check out the game creating a wider community!


Finally someone is asking :slight_smile:
I was searching too for some stocks,render etc from rust.

There’s a sunrise with friends. Haven’t seen friendlies in a long time :’(

I’m not sure early alpha is the time to be showing off graphics and making a big first impression on the whole world.