Renditions of Narcolepsy

“Drugs, severe crime, and carefree smuggling. This, and all of it’s traits is in this film portrayed, showing chronicles, and the life behind criminals. Not even one can escape the writhing hands of the law.”

A short film I was inspired to make after watching many variety of action, and drama movies. As always, C&C and tell me where I can progress to become better.


Yes, I know it is fairly dark. I really don’t know what happened.

Much better than your last one. Many of your shots were very good, but some of them felt too jittery, or I would even say too “video-gamey” (not sure if that makes sense). Still, good music complimented the silence of the movie, also I didn’t think the video looked too dark at all.

Well thanks, it was VERY frustrating… with the game crashing a lot and the cameras lagging, but I’m glad it came out the way I hoped it would be, and I think I get your jittery comment. I noticed they were a bit jittery after a while of experimenting with the roll… which was a bad idea but it wasn’t that bad right? Anyways, I’m glad it probably is just me that sees it as dark, well you can expect to see more in the coming future. Thanks.

It was good. A huge step up from your previous one, like HUGE.

However, there are a few things that need to be worked on. It was very slow-paced, and involved a lot of static shots with moving camera angles. Maybe speed up the pace, even if you did a Requiem for a Dream kind of fast-cut style, it would be cooler. Also, I would cut off that little ‘zoom in then out to normal’ glitch that the cameras have, the first camera point always does that. The music for all of your videos are really good, I love them.

All in all, excellent dramatic piece. Maybe add a little action and spice to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic machinima.

Can i ask how the title related to this. I’m not being smug, i’m sure there is some logic behind it.

Well thanks alot, I did put a lot of effort into it, and well I’m still experimenting with the cameras right now. When I start to get better with the cameras I will start trying new styles and have more angles in my newer videos, and well thanks, I really try to find the most fitting music as possible for every film I make. You can expect more action though in my upcoming video though.

Well I’m not going to lie to you but it kind of came to mind. Not in a “Hurr durr I need a name quick!..” but this is what came to my mind whilst I thought of this.

Lol, I asked him this as well. Sounds cool, no significant meaning, lol.

:geno: really? Don’t do that again Bandit.


I gave you artistic with a reason.

Well thank you very much then.