I’m from Russian Federation, I have some servers in DC - with ping lika a 15-20ms for me and central RF. I want start server on this… NO I cant. Devs dont give server-side softaware.

Next step.
Choose a hosing-center.

For me actually: cost, ping, support.
For my players: low ping, 24\7\365 online server.

I found a list of companies that provide hosting for my server.

  1. Multiplay - bigcost, support like a “Apple co.”(Allokok…just w8), have datacenter in Russia => low ping. 1 core, 2 gb ram, 200 slots for 30 franks (WAAAT??? For 30 franks i can get server with 32gb ram and 8+ cores and FULL access!!! => Multiplay get server like this and sell 1\8 of server for 100% of cost full server rent… 800% profit…) and yes… FREE MUMBLE T_T For this cost I can setup teamspeak, mubmle, ventrilla server on 1000 slots! But no… Or free muble with slots=server slots or pay for teamspeak.

Expirience with multiplay.
— Support answer ALWAYS in 3 days. Support ALWAYS have problems.

  • stupid low-lvl support (open ticket, w8 3 days, get stupid answer, w8 3 days to support lvl 2)
  • No ddos protect
  • No information about planned techworks.
  • No FTP
  • No CRON
  • Need pay for “Unbrandable(delete Multiplay :: from server name)”
  • News in clanforge about starting techworks (lolwut? why sup can’t inform server admins before works?)
  • Ping to Moscow servers 22ms
  • Autoupdate, if upd. availble
  • Cheatpunch
  1. - big cost (36 EUR+15 EUR), high ping, supports like a students of school, free teamspek.
  • Support (You can search on forums about legendary post about this support).
  • Techworks. Always if hosting start works - hosting stop the server. “-Hosting: We need update CP! YARR!! STOP SERVERS!!”
  • No information about planned works, only after job is done.
  • Cost
  • Ping for DE server - 70-80 to me, and 120-200(WAT?!) for players from Moscow.
  • No choose before buying - You can only choose US, Europe and Asia. If you want server in FR - you get in DE and after buying you see this. Then you want transfer server to your country for better ping - PAY 15 EUR for 5 click of support!
  • No ddos protect
  • No autoupdate
  • CP always glitch. U want restart server? ok. CP can glitch on status “STOP” and start action dont work. After this you need going to supports.
  • Not support “Cheatpunch” on stable branch, only on DEV
  • FTP
  • CRON
  • Support answer in 3 hourse after open ticket.

Im sorry for my bad english and rage in post… But its realy shit - rent a gameserver of Rust.

Garry, give us server software! Garry, stop this terrania!

I live in Brazil, and there are no good server providers for me, and all the servers I’m going to play are 130+ms ping.
Its bullshit. Garry, we NEED more server providers and/or a release the server files.
It makes my experience on the game lame, becouse I’m playing against people that are getting 20-30ms.

What you guys need is NFO.

What I need is a server provider based on Brazil. If NFO has that, I vote NFO, if NFO doesn’t, too bad, heard good things about them.

You can just hope that Garry releases the server files soon. I play on a German server and it runs OKish with 20 players. Ping is also good. But as soon as over 50 players are on the server the ping decreases drastically and rubberbanding, lagging and even full stopping appears. The server can handle a maximum amount of 100 players and the hardware that should support this isn’t nearly enough for them. But the cost for a 200 player server is just too immense for someone to pay.
I administrate a relatively small server with 16k upload speed, 4 cores and 4 GB of RAM and I’m paying a mere 10 Euros for it. Paying 36 Euros for a Server with 2 GB RAM is simply ridiculus.
Also, on playrust, a server for 61 Euros with 4 GB RAM is apparently considered a “BIG” server. lmao

NFO is sadly North American based, so it won’t do you good. One thing I can say is they are the definition of Premium.

The server files seem like an obvious choice now that EAC is going to be implemented. I would love to just run the files on my dedicated I am already paying for.

LEMON SERVER is brazilian and has low ping (i ve like 90)