Renting a box from Kimsufi

I’ve been thinking of renting a server box for running some servers when I found this

The prices seem too good to be true so I had to check… has anyone had any experience with OVH/Kimsufi before? And how many servers could the quad-core box run?

I had a look , it redirects to OVH , that seems pretty secure to me.
I don’t know how the heck they can get a quadcore for £30 and it does seem to good to be true.

On a second look I found out that on purchase it gets a heck of alot more expensive,
Quaterly payment - £104 (minimum is quarterly)
Setup fee - £ 50
Windows 2003 Server Standard license - 3 months - £90

  • VAT (15%)

Total = £281.70

The above.

Along with that they can have 4+ servers per “quad core” and hardly anyone will notice, a “server” and bandwidth is not as expensive as you think.

Thanks for clearing that up

I found this from another thread, seems good. How many servers would it be able to run?

Yeah pretty much anything is better than OVH. Jesus christ they are slow at support.

Serverloft is a good provider FYI

You could probably hit bandwidth limits before hardware limits.

Depends what you are planing to run.

I’ve used OVH before. And an acquaintance is currently using Kimsufi. They’re good if you know what you’re doing.

Yes, their support is slow, but that’s because that’s how they “break even”. You pay a small bill for the hardware and connection, but you have to pay for the support if you need it. I’ve never had the need to contact support for anything, purely because I can resolve most issues I run into (within my power, of course).

If you know what you’re doing, then you can go OVH/Kimsufi, but if you run into a snag, you’re better off googling.