Renting a rust server, Advice


Since this is my first post I’ll start by saying that I’ve just signed up to this forum and I am enjoying rust very much, but was wondering if renting a rust server is worth it considering how many other
servers are out there, what are the benefits of renting one vs going onto someone elses.


There is zero benefit to renting a server, it’s a part time job, and the games community is atrocious and toxic. You could have the best server in the world, and the games community will bring it down to zero players.

Not to mention if you get crybaby/children players on your server they’ll actually start demanding things or they’ll leave.

Rust is by far the worst game I’ve ever run a server on, and it requires the most up-keep because of the games active cheating playerbase/constant fiddling with mods/updates. Don’t forget about angry players who will DDOS you, or even worse if your server provider gets DDOSED by people who don’t like them.

Oh and don’t even think about playing on a server you own, god forbid you kill one player you’re an admin abusing aimbot loving tree hugger

This seems pretty spot on.

Coulden’t agree more with ezkl :wink: To scared to let any know the admins on our server, as they will start saying shit. Lag on servers in another major problem atm aswell. Wait until things have been ironed a bit

Ask yourself, why do I need my own server? Do I have enough friends to populate server? Will I use admin powers for good or evil?

If you answered yes to the first and 2nd questions, then no don’t buy a server.

Wow didn’t expect to see replies so quick, I’ve always wanted to run my own server but like someone has stated having admin privileges would probably go to my head.

And because I haven’t looked into it do people cheat a lot on rust then? and TBH I don’t see the point in DDOS’ing isn’t it just a waste of time.

If you lack experience in FPS games, then you’ll only be able to spot extremely blatant cheaters - closet cheaters (aka people who cheat and hide it) is something you’d have to detect with experience, a regular player who doesn’t know much could assume cheats on anyone and just ban legitimate players

You not only need to know what a hidden cheat looks like, you need to understand that this game has no spectating. You need to look up their profile, look at the hours they’ve put into other games, search their account for possible links to cheater forums and etc – if someone is owning everyone and has 9,000 hours of quake world or warsow logged in, you’re not just going to go ahead and ban that user.

Being an admin is pretty self explanatory, however if you play on the server and people know you’re an admin then no matter what you do someone is going to call you abusive. As for being admin if you want to screw around you should just teleport yourself to top of mt.everrust and screw around outside of the map if you wish to do so

Or enable godmode and just go under the ocean and screw around

Here’s the coordinates for the top of mt.everrust

teleport.topos “youringamenamehere” “3120” “1241” “-3380”

You’d be better off playing on a server you enjoy for a while, then seeing if you can get rcon abilities and help moderate the server. It’ll be less stressful for you

Thanks for that, I suppose it is all experience and like I said I wouldn’t mind running one of my own, atm I’m talking to one of my steam friends who says he’d pay some towards the cost of running one and with the time between us we could run it together. I’ve played the game for 18 hours now and loving it theres just not a right lot you can do.