Renting/Buying a GMod server?

Hello. Are there any goot reliable places to buy a Garrys Mod server? I cant have a computer running 24/7 to host a dedicated one, I would like to know if theres a good place to buy one because im thinking off chiping out some cash every month to get a 16-24slot RP Server

Actully seen cheaper then 1$ / slott… Seen for 0.60/slot and 0.50/slot

i have no idea about good places to buy a server, but what kinda rp server are you thinking about hosting?

Bear in mind, the cheaper slots normally means a reducement in quality as the GSP has to overfill their box to make profit.

The best advice is to go with the ones most people are with e.g

Xenonservers -
Ukgame -

I would host you , but at the moment im a bit full slot wise.

I’m with Xenon and absolutely love them.

The cheapest I know is Xadon ( They charge $10 for a server and $0.25 per slot (USD). Don’t know how good they are though…

I think Xenon is better if you’re looking for fast download and better features, but just a tiny bit more pricey. People seem to like them.

I have two servers with xenon now, and I’ve never had issues.

If you are looking for a dedicated box, I would look at, although dedicated boxes arnt the cheapest. You are likely best with , Ive heard good thing about them.

If your looking for a box, Go with I’ve used them best tech support. The responded 3am Gmt-6 when I had a cpu failure. They replaced it and was up 2 hours later.

ServerBeach is good, but if you’re on a budget for your box, Limestone is amazing. are great, never seen or heard of any issues with them, if one does surface then it is dealt with quickly and efficiently.

So yeah, go with them.

I would honestly Recommend Bioservers. My friends have baught quite a few servers from there.

Check out the official list of GMod hosts