Renting Server VS Building Server

kinda looking for the pros and cons of both.

I don’t know what specs would be ideal for building a server for rust.

likewise, I don’t know what providers are decent.

If you plan on hosting from home, rent (i.e. NO). If you plan on getting a high bandwidth 24/7 connection to it and take care of said server, build.

A continuation of what oXYnary said: If you plan to run a server on your own desktop or perhaps some other desktop that’s laying around, don’t. It would probably run okay for a small handful of people, but would likely be a waste of time and effort.
If you have a server of some kind and a high-speed connection that can both be running 24/7 then sure, give it a shot.

Frankly, if you’re asking this question in the first place then I would recommend just renting. If you had the hardware and know-how to run a competent server on your own then you I don’t think you’d need to even ask.

That sounded douchy. I didn’t mean for it to sound douchy lol.

If you build a server it doesn’t mean you have to host it at home. You could get it hosted at a datacenter that offers colocation services, so they can host it on their connection.

I was actually thinking of buying parts off of newegg and building a server just for rust.

my internet:

I build my own rigs, but I am basically clueless on servers.

All I know is more ram and plenty of fast hard drives is good…I think.

First, 4.1Mb/s (that’s megabits per second which equals to 0.5MB/s which equals to 524.8 kilobytes per second !!!) is not even enough to stream your gameplay in 720p to twitch, I would not recommend to run a server on a line that has more than 10 times download than it has upload.

And second, that’s incredibly vague. I’d say you would be better off starting with a virtual server to learn the software side of things and then move on maybe to your own root server where you have to handle the whole system from raid over pagefiles to hackers trying to take over your email server and at this point running a small (virtual) server at home for you to hack and destroy and test stuff so you don’t break your main would be pretty useful. (over a few years of time)

Hosting servers at home has almost no advantages. You need to call your ISP and have them set up a much larger upstream and you need to set up a DMZ in your home network but you can skip all that for an easy monthly fee you pay someone who has a server sitting in a rack in a datacenter that has got gigabit backbones and UPS and climate control and ddos protection and support and and and…

It all comes down to your upload when hosting servers, for a basic server of 50 players or less I would recommend at the very least 10mb up, And thats just for one server… You are better off renting a server from a game company, they can host a decent amount of servers, and many are 1 click installation for common games server files

Oh maybe I missed to say that but DO NOT RENT RUST SERVERS FROM GSPs!
If you want to host a Rust server better do it yourself. Only players complaining about hackers and admin abuse rent servers from GSPs.

Good: Manage Root server hosting Rust
Okay: Manage vserver hosting Rust
Bad: House Root server hosting Rust (at home)
NO!: Pay a company to run a piece of software for you while giving you no control over hardware or network

last time I had a multiplay server (which was a huge mistake) I was really disappointed with their service. same with DSH and many other GSPs. They kept changing the IP and Port of my server so I would lose the user base that joins from history on a regular basis (for users, if the server doesn’t appear in the history it means that it’s down but multiplay and others don’t agree). I will never ever go back to using GSPs again because they’ve bent me over big time and so I don’t recommend them to anyone else.

yea, figured my upload wouldn’t be enough.

I’ve never needed much for gaming.

only reason why my download is that high is because that’s the lowest in my area, actually only pay for 30, not 110.

guess i’ll keep my eye on multiplay and check them out when they start renting servers.

lol, posted it while I replied ><

If I’m understanding what Gachl said, try to avoid hosts that are renting you a RUST server.

Go for a host that will rent you a SERVER that you’ll have total control over. This server will not have Rust installed, in fact, it won’t have anything installed except probably a basic image to get you started. You’ll have admin/root privileges on this server and you’ll be able to configure every last little thing. It’s more expensive, but much more worth it.

This is going to sound mean again (not my intention), but if this is true:

… then you definitely want to leave the server hardware work to someone else.

yup, I don’t know a damn thing about them.

your 4mb uplink will handle like 5-10 players, maybe.