Reorganization of trello board

First thank you for always keeping up on news from our favorite game: RUST
i see Trello all days and I think I understand na necessary reorganization of it but I loved to see on your blackboard pseudo weekly planning. although this is not exactly give me a general idea of what will happen in the future.
if it’s not asking too can implement something similar in calendars.
thanks for reading.
Sorry to make you eyes bleed, with my beautiful English

Calendars are a terrible idea for gaming dev. The main reason trello cards are good is because if somenthing is not really finished they can just push to another day while a calendar will most likely feel like a deadline.

Rushing things is a terrible idea hence most aaa+ games suck ass. And launch full of bugs and problems. See most of the ubisoft games for example.

Let they work on the game and take their time <3. The two main reasons i got this game on early acess is because A) Looked like a fun game and had a nice concept. B) I like the way facepunch think and how they work and i can see the game being awesome.

with calendars wanna say “this week these activities will” not necessarily be terminated.
that appears in all but Trello cards that are not working at the time. example

has the card “DOING” in this letter there are many things (15 tickets). if you could saver that is being given priority (within the extent possible).
thanks you :slight_smile:

They added a programmers card earlier today.

now we can see which bugs the devs know about and which need reporting. i never knew if i should report bug as most of them they probably already knew about.