Repair ANIMALS Please

It’s a long time. Very long.
Could you fix animals? Rust should not you be just a PVP give us more life into PVE.

The real problem for the animals is they can cross the rocks and traps. XD It´s so dificult hunt theys when can run so fast and cross all objects T_T

Animals need a fix. Yes. Content for PVE, please. I don´t need much, but… content not bugged.

Thanks for good to the plants for recollect resources. But could not make beds rarely.

I must agree with the recent change to cloth/leather, the need for animals to move realistically is much higher than before. The fact that in about 3 steps they can scale half a mountain or an entire hill is absurd.

I think if they just disabled the animals ability to traverse rocks at all just temporarily it will fix things enough to put it off for later.

For example, circling the animal is also absurd.
Random traveling would be better.

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hahah this is our response? “THIS BUG NEEDS FIXING, BUT I DONT KNOW WHAT IT Causes, SO SHUT UP AND STOP posting ABOUT IT. Thanks”